Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Univeristy of Alicante

Seminar Workshop on Creativity and Writing: A threaded Sequence facilitated by Marjorie Kanter at the University of Alicante, April 18 and 19. This series of three, two hour workshops is process oriented and interactive. Participants worked through exercises, activities and reflection.

Sample of the outcome of an expansion to reduction activity ending in a tweet:

1. Entered in your heartOrdering loveRecieved you in mineConsuming meSo I paid for selfishnessBut didn't left this circle.

2. Entered barOrdered whiskyReceived lonely eveningConsumed social abutmentPaid for my believesAnd left with my pride.

3. My1DayAtUni,IEnteredAndUpStairs.Sm1OrderedMyClassAndIReceivedVeryNiceExplanation.ThenWeConsumedACoffeAndHepaid.Finally,ILeft.

College English Association

Paper presented in St. Petersburg, Florida at the College English Association 42nd Annual Convention March 31- April 2, 2011. Title of paper:Expat Writer: Multiple Language Use in Context.