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The Second Mad Open Mic: Captured Words

March 4 was a fine event. I think everyone felt it was a big success for us all. Tentative date for next Open Mic is June 10th, 2009. Follow here for news. Meantime, if you were there, please send fotos, comments, suggestions for future events etc. The final line up for the Second Mad Open Mic was:

Readersperformers: The Line up

1. Heinrich D. Waegner
2. Francis Poole
3. Nasima Akaloo
4. Noelle Williamson
5. Ëboli de Mer
6. Keith Williamson
7. Paul House
8. Kevin Stevenson
9. Dominic Anglim
10. Amy Kaminsky
11. Sue Burke
12. Jose Luis Delgado Guitart
13. Marjorie Kanter
14. Maureen Meehan
15. Lindale Banks
16. Michael Mirth
17. Charlie Sangster
18. Rebecca Pegg
19. Shawn Douglas
20. Heinrich Waegner

The Mad Open Mic Series: Captured Words
(Second Edition)
Cafe Concierto La Fídula, Madrid March 4, 2009
For history, information and upcoming dates:
(See list of registrants below)
Café Concierto La Fídula
Calle Huertas, 57 Madrid in the Barrio de las Letras
Metro: Anton Martin, Sevilla, Banco
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Performing will begin at 9 pm.
To register and for further information, contact: or
Come to present your own work or just to listen in. Open to the public. No entry fee. You pay (only) for what you consume.
Guidelines for Performers:
- Your presentation must be your own creative words; spoken or readspoken. It can be a story, poem, lyrics (but no music), creative essay...
- We will readspeak in cycles of 3-6 minutes each depending upon how many we are. Please prepare your work in combinations of 3 minutes each to allow for flexibility in scheduling. If there is time, there will be a second cycle. Please clock your readings ahead of time.
- Sign up by emailing: by February 26, 2009.
- Put Open Mic in the Subject or Asunto of the email.
- Include a short sample of your work or give me an idea of what you are planning to readspeak to help in the planning.
- Late registrants will be included when possible.
- Presentations will be in English.
- For updates check:

Registrants for March 4, 2009 as of January 28, 2009:

1. Heinrich D. Waegner
(Special guest coming for this event from near Seigen,Germany) Born on 26 December 1942, in Bavaria, Germany, Heinrich Waegner studied English and German Language and Literature in Erlangen (Germany), Exeter (UK) and Charlottesville (University of Virginia, USA). He has taught German at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and at the University of Virginia. At high schools in Germany he not only taught English and German, but also Creative Writing and Theater. Europe-wide renowned, Waegner was invited to perform with his drama troupe at many festivals, generally winning prizes when they were offered. Along with teaching numerous workshops abroad and teachers’ training seminars at home, he has published many plays of his own or modern adaptations and theatrical articles concerning physically-oriented theater work with youths. With his emphasis on bodywork as being at least as important in theatre as language, he stimulates creative presentations of human behaviour beyond verbal possibilities. That is why he has titled his teachers’ manual From the Inside to the Outside – Acting via the Body. Starting with a series of physical activities that enhance sensitivity for stage presence and awareness of “the empty space,” partner exercises – along with music – move toward a kind of dance theatre long before texts are needed, making visible what happens inside. Extensions like music, sparse but intelligently “estranged” props which can add anachronistic humor, and of course stylized, minimal costumes – all in the spirit of “poor theater” – aid the expressiveness of the human images (scenes) exactly through their simplicity. Not until then should language fill in the messages that need verbal exactness. Since myths lend themselves particularly well to archetypal and intercultural interpretation, Waegner’s main interest lies in myths, which form the basis of most of his performed and published plays. Their perceptions and narrative intensity are still valid today when translated into the present with imagination and cheekiness by young performers. Aside from creating, directing and publishing plays for 30 years and writing on drama, Waegner has published several volumes of modern poetry and prose and has created “concerted art-happenings,” i.e. poetry readings accompanying abstract paintings, supplemented by musicians and dancers. The themes of two of these art-happening were “what moves us when we are in motion” and “tango.”

2. Nasima Akaloo
3. Marjorie Kanter
4. Jose Luis Delgado Guitart
5. Noelle Williamson
6. Ëboli de Mer
7. Keith Williamson
8. Paul House
9. Kevin Stevenson
10. Dominic Anglim
11. Amy Kaminsky
12. Sue Burke
13. Michael Mirth
14. Maureen Meehan
15. Lindale Banks
16. Lara Ferguson
17. Charlie Sangster
18. Rebecca Pegg

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