Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The activity for: Mint Tea

The Activity for: A Variety of Endings

Projects Interactivity / The Saddle Stitch Notebooks:
Mint Tea/Opening the mind to multiple points of view
Hartley's Good Bookshop, May 11, 2006

Over-all Project Goal: To establish a process for interactivity between the author and the readers.

Activities: There will be a variety of activities, including postings of work in process, gathering points of view from the readers, dialogue about the writing process, information about upcoming invents......

Goal for this specific activity: To open our minds, see different points of view, explore, expand, consider options......There is no right answer. There is no best answer. There is no wrong answer. There will be no winner. All responses are valid ideas on the/our world, how it functions and on creating a narrative, telling a story.


Give your response today, or if you need more time, send it by e-mail no later than Sunday, May 14, 2006. All the responses will then be collected and placed together on the Projects Interactivity Blog for everyone to see in their totality, in their multiplicity, we will see similarities and/or differences in our points of view, in our approach to the same context...

Your responses for the activity: a variety of endings - a few more responses may be on their way

To participate today:

1. Read the following text:

Mint Tea

I served my
in her
mint tea.

We're still

2. Remove "We're still friends".

3. Create your own ending. Place it in the basket today. Or if you need more time, e-mail by Sunday, May 14, 2006.

To access the collected responses (to be posted by Monday, May 15):
Go to .
Locate and click on the Projects Interactivity Blog, (located in the left hand section of the page about two thirds down),
or stop by and ask Hartley.

To stay involved/connected: Check the Blog regularly.


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